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A Cash Back offer is a type of arrangement that allows the customer to receive a portion of their purchase back as cash in return for shopping with a merchant. For example, with credit cards, banks often provide cash back credit cards that allow consumers to earn a certain percentage of their total amount spent as Cash Back, if you use their credit card. 

With AstroWealth, you receive a certain amount of the purchase price back when you purchase through the AstroWealth platform. AstroWealth is a platform that partners with merchants to provide you Cash Back on online purchases. 

As a business, you might be wondering why should we offer Cash Back and partner with publishers like AstroWealth? Businesses benefit from Cash Back in a unique way. Let’s walk through why Cash Back offers are good for your business. 

Pros for businesses leveraging cash back offers: 

  • Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty!
    • The biggest asset a business has is their customer and brand loyalty. In today’s climate, providing value to your customers through a positive customer experience is crucial to maintaining loyalty. Providing Cash Back without forcing your customers to jump through hoops achieves that immediate gratification for customers and encourages loyalty through a positive customer experience.
  • Limits the usage of discounts.
    • While discounts are one method of incentivizing sales, when using Cash Back offers, the incentive is the Cash Back and thus there is less emphasis required on discounting your products and cheapening your brand. This could be beneficial from many different points. First, it plays with the consumer psychology as discounts allow the customer to pay less while Cash Back allows users to earn back. Customers feel more engaged that they are receiving a benefit via Cash Back. Second, the cash flow with Cash Back offers is better for businesses as they receive the full amount initially and pay the consumer only after a transaction has occurred. 

How can you get started with Cash Back offers?

With AstroWealth, you can get started with offering cash back easily! AstroWealth provides a platform where customers can browse Cash Back offers from merchants and online retailers. Are you a merchant or brand that is interested in partnering with AstroWealth? Send us a note at partners@astrowealth.com and we’ll be in touch.

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Join AstroWealth today to earn Cash Back when you shop online or activate a partner offer.

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