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Athleisure and activewear are no longer fashion faux pas. Even if you’re not working out, it doesn’t hurt to own comfortable clothes.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in a hoodie and yoga pants? Ever since athleisure became mainstream, it has given people a run for their money. You see it everywhere. Celebrities, fitness enthusiast, and even those who never set foot in a gym are sporting activewear.

Seeing as these workout essentials are growing in popularity, it only makes sense that sports and apparel companies up their game. Many brands have already introduced activewear product lines.

We have rounded up both luxury and affordable athleisure brands that you must check out. The good news is that you can earn cash back on these brands if you shop from AstroWealth.

Best Athleisure Brands with Cash Back Offers

We’ve curated this list to nudge you in the right direction. These brands have smart yoga pants, cute workout outfits as well as stylish leggings. Whether you want to work from home, grab a cup of Joe, run some errands or work out, these brands have whatever you’re looking for.

These activewear brands check off all the boxes—be it versatility, comfort, sleek designs, flattering cuts or amazing fabrics.


Nike is the epitome of athleisure and sportswear. It’s one of the most reputed and successful activewear brands out there. From t-shirts to quality shorts and socks to shoes, Nike has it all.

The brand’s workout essentials are functional and fashionable. That being said, Nike also sells top-of-the-line gym gear for those who want to work out at home.

Nike has cultivated a cult-like reputation over the years thanks to its innovative designs that blend perfectly with its classic ones. The company’s NSW Collection is perfect for activewear for those who want to look good while working out or working from home.

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A woman exercising in her workout clothes


The luxury athleisure list is incomplete without Lululemon—a Canadian brand known for its yoga-inspired activewear. They also offer a reliable and expansive range of muted and elegant activewear products ranging from hiking apparel to gym wear.

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Under Armour

Launched in 2016, this American sportswear brand offers a premium range of high-performance athleisure. Under Armour Sportswear (UAS) is designed by Tim Coppens, a Belgian designer who fuses these sportswear designs with an elevated touch of sartorial elegance.

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Adidas is to activewear what mitochondria is to cells—a powerhouse that combines style and quality to bring you street-savvy yet modern athleisure. Its signature three-stripe motif is an iconic part of pop culture.

One of the reasons Adidas has such a high fan base is its historical significance. More than 80% of Summer Olympics athletes wore Adidas in 1972 and 1984. That’s why modern-generation sports athletes and fitness freaks choose Adidas for all their fitness gear needs.

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DICK’S Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a go-to brand for those looking to buy affordable but high-quality activewear and workout clothes. Their athleisure is designed to blend style with performance.

You’ll find various options for the family, including your little ones. This cost-effective and budget-friendly brand has everything for those looking to get on top of their fitness goals.

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Old Navy

This famous clothing and accessories retailer is a subsidiary of Gap Inc. Being part of this multinational brand, Old Navy boasts a fine collection of athleisure, activewear and workout clothes.

The company caters to multiple demographics, including plus-size individuals. The company sells chic activewear at great prices, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to support your active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for yoga pants, shorts, sports bras or running tops, you’ll find it all under one roof.

What sets Old Navy apart is its maternity wear to support the physical and fitness needs of soon-to-be moms.

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A woman wearing a pink co-ord set


Reebok is one of those iconic brands that are fueled by constant innovation. It’s a pioneering brand in sportswear. As an acclaimed athleisure brand, the company has left its mark on popular culture.

Celeb-endorsed and athlete-beloved, Reebok is known for its iconic designs and styles, including Club C and classic leather. The company took over the athleisure market by combining fitness with luxury.

Today Reebok is a uniform for fitness enthusiasts across the world, and you can also be part of the community. Purchase Reebok’s activewear and fitness outfits and earn cash back with AstroWealth.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club isn’t your everyday departmental store. It’s also home to affordable but stylish fitness clothing and equipment. If you’re new to the world of athleisure, you can start your journey with Sam’s Club’s activewear collection.

Their collection is perfect for the gym, relaxing at home or running errands. Their tank tops, sweatshirts, shorts and leggings are comfortable to wear and just as elegant.

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Most people think of food and grocery when thinking of Walmart but it’s more than that. Walmart has a wide range of activewear, including co-ord sets, athletic workout gear and comfy leggings for people of all ages, sizes and gender.

The best part about Walmart’s activewear and athleisure is the pricing. You can get stylish workout gear at attractive prices and deals. Get all your activewear under one roof with Walmart’s store.

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Marshalls will wow you with its prices. Not only is it a place to purchase home décor, shoes, clothing and handbags, you’ll also find a diverse range of activewear and athleisure.

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An image of a sports bra next to leggings and shoes


Puma continues to upgrade its activewear line to stay true to its “Forever Faster” motto. If you’re like us, and activewear is your go-to, then Puma’s athleisure is your best bet.

Its sportswear has a distinct sense of style that is unparalleled by any other activewear brand. This legendary brand tops the market with its performance and design innovation. Puma has been powering many sports athletes across various sporting codes, from motocross to running.

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Foot Locker

Foot Locker is a one-stop shop for all sportswear, activewear, and athleisure items. The store is home to exclusive brands, including Vans, Nike, Adidas, Jordan and Champion.

Foot Locker has all the athletic clothing and apparel to match your lifestyle needs, ranging from casual to high-performance.

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Banana Republic

Banana Republic engineers its activewear and athleisure items to provide comfort, functionality, and style. The clothes hug your body in all the right places while ensuring breathability.

Each timeless item is designed thoughtfully, keeping in mind art and craft and luxury. The brand is home to trendy pieces in various colors and styles to meet your fitness needs.

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person holding a racket Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Sophisticated. Modern. Optimal comfort. Calvin Klein’s athleisure checks all the boxes. Their activewear is designed for style, support, and performance. You can exercise in style or work from the comfort of your home in Calvin Klein’s versatile and modern activewear.

The brand offers workout essentials for every season. The fabric is stretchy, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry to provide ultimate comfort. Add these items to your activewear wardrobe today!

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Forever 21

Forever 21 is the go-to fashion brand with the latest trends and hottest deals. Their athleisure collection might just convince you to fulfil your new year’s resolution and go for a run or join a gym.

Whether or not you work out, you can’t go wrong by getting your hands on these gorgeous daily wear items.

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GAP Factory

GAP Factory is known for its great prices and even better styles. They’re perfect if you want to put together a casual look. The brand also offers a variety of activewear and athleisure items.

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H&M is home to online fashion and apparel shopping, but the store also has workout clothes. Their activewear includes sculpting leggings, comfy cycling shorts, and supportive sports bras, to name a few. You can shop their functional activewear essentials in different colors and styles and earn cash back with AstroWealth.

Urban Outfitters

This lifestyle retailer combines creativity, pop culture, and style to design unique activewear and athleisure items. If you want to stay active even when you’re working from home, Urban Outfitters is your answer.

You’ll find sports bras, yoga pants, bike shorts, joggers, tank tops, and much more. Grab new activewear bottoms and pair them with chic tank tops to up your athleisure game.

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