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Among the many areas of Europe, Turkey gets some of the highest numbers of tourists. The country boasts of all kinds of weather, sceneries, and stunning landscapes to see—name it, and you’ll find it in turkey.

If you’re planning to visit, make sure that you have the following 4 locations on your list:

Blue Mosque

While Hagia Sophia might be the first place people think of when they’re in Istanbul, Blue Mosque could be a better tourist attraction. Just opposite the Hagia Sophia is the Sultanahmet Mosque or the Blue Mosque.  It attracts fewer people in comparison while still providing a view of some of the most beautiful buildings in the country. The mosque gets its name because of the 20,000 blue tiles that make it up.


People that do their research when visiting Turkey make sure that Antalya is on their itinerary. In recent years, it’s gotten as much love as Istanbul and people tend to head to the area to enjoy some of its beaches. It’s a scenic place with a beautiful old town area that takes you back to the old Ottoman era.

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If you’re looking for something truly mesmerizing on your trip to Turkey, Cappadocia is the place to be. You’ve got so many sights to set your eyes on, from Byzantine Era architecture to numerous rock churches, and the incredible landscape.

A panoramic shot of Cappadocia.

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Princes Island

Another popular but underrated area in Istanbul is Princes Island. You’ll briefly travel to the past thanks to the horse-drawn carriages and bicycles in the area. If you love being in the water and the beach, Princes’ Island is just the place to head to with its serene scenery and incredibly peaceful environment.

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