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Have you ever been charged any unnecessary fees on your credit card or simply disliked the credit card you got? Did you ever wonder how you can waive credit card fees? While you might feel powerless, the power is actually in your hand! Credit card companies have a lot of competition to retain and acquire new customers. You can use this to your advantage to get the proper accommodations you are looking for. AstroWealth is here to tell you how to handle these large companies to get the best out of your credit card experience.

Waive Credit Card Fees

While it may seem like the companies have final say, the customer’s are ultimately in charge. Since credit card companies are always offering deals to get new customers, sometimes you can waive credit card fees on your credit card just by asking. Here is how to increase your chances to waive credit card fees. The smaller the fee, the more likely you are to have it waived. Your customer track record can be used to your advantage here. If you make monthly payments on time and have a good customer support history, you are more likely to succeed in these requests simply as a gesture of goodwill on behalf of the company.

Call to Cancel your Credit Card

Businesses spend a lot of money trying to get new customers. This is called an acquisition cost and it holds significant value to the company. While companies end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to get new customers, they will go above and beyond to retain any loyal customers. Of course, this includes making generous offers such as waiting fees, rewarding points or switching to a better, lower interest credit card.

Get a Approval for a New Credit Card

The wait to hear whether or not you got approved for a credit card can be daunting. While some responses are instantaneous, others take time. Did you know, you can skip the wait and call the credit card company to ask for a decision over the phone?

If you want to increase your chances for an approval and have an existing credit card, you can ask to transfer part of the existing credit balance to another account.

Switch your Existing Credit Card for a Better One

If you realize the credit card you have is not benefiting you, or charges a high annual fee, you can request the credit card issuer to close your existing credit card to increase the likelihood of getting approved for a new card currently on promotion. If you don’t want to go through an application process, you can also request to change your card for a different one by switching it over. This way, you can skip the tedious application process.

Now you know how to get a credit card company to do exactly what you want. You’ve learned how to waive credit card fees and how to switch over cards for better promotional offers.

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