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When you’re shopping for something online, it’s possible to fall victim to fake or counterfeit products. Finding designer bags online is not hard, but with the growing costs of such bags, many people accidentally buy fake ones because they find the price tag attractive.

Counterfeit bags aren’t just less durable and poorly constructed and illegal. Instead of buying something that may look like a designer bag but won’t offer you long-term usage and durability, visit AstroWealth and buy designer bags through us to earn cash back.

Here is your guide to identifying fake bags online when finding designer bags.

Quality and Material

When you buy a fake designer bag, you can easily tell by its quality that it is poorly constructed. With low-quality fabric and materials used, the leather handbag will look feel like it is plastic. Instead of being pliable and smooth, it will feel uneven and clumpy.

 Designers bags

Hardware & Stitching

A genuine and authentic designer bag has excellent craftsmanship with tight and even seams. When finding designer bags, a clear giveaway of fake ones is hollow hardware that chips easily. The patchwork is also an indication of bad stitching. If a bag has slanted, back-and-forth, or uneven stitching, its lacking good workmanship. The fabric will come apart easily.

Tags & Designer Logos

The designer bags market continues to grow, which makes finding authentic designer bags much harder. Another indication of fake or counterfeit bags is that they will have tags or stickers indicating where they are made.

Additionally, most designers also add panels on the bags where they sharply print the logos. The panels in a counterfeit bag are goofy or have incorrect logos. The most popular indication of fake bags is misspelled designer names.

You can also check the bag’s tags for any discrepancies. If there is a tag, does it have a logo, serial number, hologram, and other manufacturing details? When the serial number is present, make sure you cross-check it with an actual bag’s number.

When finding designer bags online, make sure you only purchase through the right websites. To earn cashback and get money on your purchase, visit AstroWealth. We’re the leading cashback site with multiple brands offering cashback rewards and deals on our app.

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