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After three years of pandemic, the wanderlust is kicking in! It’s time to start planning and saving for that dream vacation. There are many important aspects of planning a vacation including the location, accommodations, food and transportation. However, the most important criteria for vacation planning is your budget! If you’ve been saving for your vacation, you’ve got a budget already, if not, it’s time to ball-park your budget and save for it! 

Here are some helpful tips on how to save for that dream vacation: 

  1. Have a separate savings account for your vacation budget 
  2. Automate the savings directly on a monthly basis so that you don’t have to constantly think about it 
  3. Leverage rewards and Cash Back from AstroWealth to decrease your costs

So now that you know your budget, it’s time to prioritize the different criteria and research which price points each of those are ball-parking at. Important factors that you’d want to research include: flights, transportation, lodging, and any major attractions/activities that you’d like to do. This criteria will usually consist of about 80% of your budget. The remaining 20% of your budget will be focused on any unexpected expenses. The great news is that you can use AstroWealth to learn Cash Back for your vacation, every time you make an eligible purchase with one of our partners.

Now that the finances are in order, it’s time to start planning the travel preparations. It is important to double check the travel restrictions and what vaccination status is required. If that’s all good, you need to research what documents and materials you need to enter the country. If a Visa is required, you’ll need to check its conditions and the cost. This cost must be factored into your budget as well! 

Travel is expensive and the best way to make sure it is enjoyable is to plan for it ahead of time and have your funds ready. There are many different ways of travelling that can save you money such as staying in motels or hostels or finding free tours. Travel on!

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