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Your home is a sanctuary – an escape from the world’s worries. It’s not only your comfort zone but also an extension of your personality.

You must’ve already decorated it to your liking, but what if you’re missing some home décor essentials? Or maybe you’re looking to remodel your home? Whatever the reason, your home could do with some sprucing up every now and then, and we’ve crafted this guide to outline some of the essentials you shouldn’t miss out on.

Remodeling and redecorating take a lot of planning and thought processes. Don’t lose sight of your budgetary constraints, but also consider space-savvy essentials at the same time.

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Good Home Décor Essentials: Know The Basics

The best décor essentials should reflect your personality and taste preference, i.e., additions that make your house feel like home. Essentials such as blankets and pillows can be stylish and functional but shouldn’t overlook one important factor: comfort.

Besides these essentials, other basics include vases, accent pieces, and wall art, as they can create a focal point, be conversation starters, and spark joy in your heart.

Throw Pillows

Nothing accentuates a living space more than decorative throw pillows. Their cozy and warm vibe is quite unmatchable. These simple-looking pieces make your interior space more comfortable, practical, and fashionable.

You can find various options based on your theme and color scheme. You can place these pillows on benches, beds, couches, chairs, or sofas. Neutral tones, bold patterns, simple designs, or bright colors – it doesn’t matter what style you choose, these decorative pillows will make your space look alluring.

The best part? You’ll have something comfy to rest your head on.

Throw Blankets

After decorative pillows, throw blankets are another important home décor essential. When you add pillows to your interior décor, it only makes sense to pair them with these blankets.

Place these blankets at the end of your bed, on the sofa, or keep them folded on a bench. You can also drape them over your chair. Whichever way you decide you use these essential pieces, they’ll add a quintessential definition to your home décor.

Throw blankets can instantly elevate any space with their texture, patterns, and colors while exuding comfy energy.

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throw blankets on a sofa

Small Mats and Rugs

Many think the key to keeping their interior neat and tidy is bare floors. It’s partly true, but you can use small area rugs and mats to transform your interior atmosphere.

Use small mats or rugs at the entrance to add texture and depth to your living space. Similarly, you can place a mat by the kitchen sink to give your kitchen space a blissful vibe. This will also change the way you chop veggies and do dishes.

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Book Décor

Apart from reading, you can use books for decorative purposes. Books can serve as an appealing décor that adds a storybook vibe to your living space.

If you’re an avid reader and love collecting different types of books, put them on display in the living room. Show off your collection to friends and family. These fancy books can be conversation starters while adding style to your interior within the budget.

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for that. Visit your local thrift store or a bookshop selling second-hand or pre-loved books. You can also find vintage books at flea markets. These antique items can accentuate your bedroom, living room, home office, or study space quite perfectly.

Accent Lighting

What’s home décor without statement lighting? A dark den. The solution? You need shimmering lighting fixtures to brighten up your living space.

A chandelier hanging in the living room or hovering over a dining table can amp up the décor. Similarly, some floating pendant lights in the entryway and kitchen table can take your interior décor up a notch. These pieces are attention-grabbing.

If you want something simple yet elegant, you can opt for table lamps, strip lights, wall sconces, and floor lamps. These accent lights can change the mood.

You can also go for lighting that can change based on the time of the day and your mood. They’re easy-to-install pieces, and you can use them anywhere.

Dining Table

Your dining table is where you share meals and daily anecdotes and spend time together as a family. It’s also the place where you entertain guests and make great memories. A welcoming dining table can add a friendly touch to your home.

Choose the right style, size, and shape of a dining table to meet your entertainment needs. For instance, you don’t need a grand dining table if you’re a nuclear family, but you may need a larger one if you host extended family dinners on Holidays.

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A small dining table

Coffee Table

Think of big comfy fireplaces, coffee tables, and couches you often see in interior décor magazines. It’s time to bring those coveted picturesque living room designs to life. You can do that with stylish and compact coffee tables.

There’s a wide range of sizes and shapes available, so you can find a perfect coffee table that complements your living room décor and blends perfectly.

Consider a table that checks off all the boxes, including shape, material, size, and color. You can use your vintage books on a marble tray to stack on the table. Alternatively, you can use a flower vase with paper flowers to display on the table.


Decorating a compact home can be tricky because any large piece can overwhelm the interior. You cannot add giant furniture pieces or artwork in a smaller room which is understandable. It can over-accessorize any space.

Instead, you can opt for oversized mirrors. Mirrors create an illusion of enlargement. They bring a unique grandiosity to any living space, whether small or large. Oversized mirrors reflect the light to make your space appear larger.

However, you should hang them to ensure these mirrors reflect the light in the right direction. Mount an antique mirror across a study window, over the bathroom vanity, over the entrance table, or in the bathroom. You’ll be surprised at the magical effects a mirror brings to your living space.

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Personal Taste Preference

Your dream home is one where you feel relaxed as you walk through the front door. One way to achieve this ultimate calm is with a touch of personal accents that makes your home an extension of your personality.

Find out pieces and accessories that add that feeling to your living space. You may love collecting vintage books, artwork, DIY projects, succulent plants, or vases – literally anything that attracts you. Think of what makes you happy and makes you “you,” and add them to your interior décor.

Wall Décor

Interior décor is incomplete without wall art. You can use your home’s walls as blank canvases to be as creative as you want.

Wall art isn’t just about painting or hanging framed paintings. It includes tapestries, illustrations, wall decals, or signs. You can organize these pieces in different patterns in your bedroom, living room, and entryway however you like.

Crates and Baskets

Crates and baskets are both functional and aesthetically pleasing home décor essentials. You can use them for storage to organize your room and a display to add visual appeal to the space.

Wicker baskets are especially popular among homeowners looking to bring a homely vibe to their space. You can store snacks, blankets, shoes, or books in them. Wine baskets can hold your towels and toiletries in the bathroom.

If you have kids, you can use crates and baskets to quickly tidy up your living room after they’re done playing with their toys. Baskets conceal all the mess while adding style and texture to your living space.

Baskets for storage

Inviting Couch

Your home needs a comfy, inviting couch to read a book on a rainy morning, enjoy a cup of Joe during bright sunny days or snuggle up with your family on a Saturday night.

An ideal couch should be sturdy enough to withstand renovations and relocations. It should also match your entire interior. Consider your personal space when choosing a sofa. A long couch protruding out of the living room can be a sore thumb.

It’ll defeat the whole purpose of an inviting and comfy sofa experience. It should be cozy enough so you can spend hours reading a book or watching movies with your family.

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Glass Vases

Your home’s interior décor isn’t complete without some touch of greens. Use vases to bring plants indoors. Whether you go for real flowers or artificial ones, they’ll add a touch of serenity to your interior.

Vases with plants freshen up the space and provide the needed splash of color. Pair your favorite flowers with a classy, chic glass vase to connect your space to nature.

Glass vases with green-leaved plant

Sleek Bookshelf

Whether you’re a reader or not, a sleek bookshelf is a must for any home’s interior. You can use it to display your antique book collection or other prized objects.

Whether you go for a built-in or freestanding shelf, it’ll be both a functional and stylish addition to your space.

Beautiful Bedding

Of all the areas in your room, your bedroom is your perfect sanctuary. You should invest in quality and comfortable bedding for your bedroom. Whether you opt for linen sheets or cotton bedding, it should run a sense of calm through you. So you can look forward to spending time in your bed.

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If you’re one of those people who love minimal décor, you may enjoy little to no accessories at all. The concept of minimalism doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your home. It means you focus on basic elements such as furniture for daily use, storage, good flooring, and neutral colors.

Minimalist décor means freeing your space of clutter with complex patterns or solid colors. So you can focus on quality over quantity. For instance, a single wall art or vase is enough to spruce up your space.

Scented Candles

These seemingly simple décor items can go a long way in elevating your home’s interior. Candles can spruce up the ambiance and provide dim lighting. They are associated with calm, relaxation, and romance and can help you set the mood for certain occasions.

You can find candles in different fragrances for a soothing touch at home. Plus, they’re versatile and you can use them in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Scented candles on a table

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