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Splurging on your first designer bag is something everyone dreams of. It’s not a decision you take lightly. That bag, if you believe in personal anecdotes and pop culture, holds a lot of value in the wardrobes (and hearts) of fashion lovers across the world.

Whether you choose a Gucci tote or a Channel crossbody bag, it’s all about choosing something that you love which also fits your style and goes with all your outfits. In this guide, we’ll look at some factors you need to consider when buying a designer bag.

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When you’re buying a designer bag, there must be a few brands in your mind. However, make sure you don’t just think of the mainstream ones and restrict your options. It’s not that you won’t get quality and durability with a Louis Vuitton bag. But there are so many other options you can consider. Make sure you’re exploring your options.


Designer bags come in different price ranges. Having a budget from the start will ensure that you’re considering the right brands and not going for something that may be trendy right now but is out of your range.

Find Deals Online

You can always go to all the huge designer stores and take a look at the bags in real life. It’s a great way to understand the feel of the bag and sense if it would look good. However, when buying a designer bag, you need to save as much money as possible. That’s only possible if you find a great cashback deal online or purchase it through a cashback site like AstroWealth.

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Consider Usability

If you’re buying a designer bag, you need to ensure its usability. There’s no point in buying something you won’t be using every now and then. Even if you want to maintain the look of your bag, its usability should also be a factor you consider. Of course, you can always buy a bag only for certain events. But for daily use, you’ll have to decide how suitable the bag is.

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