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Are you looking to check or improve your credit score?

If you are unfamiliar with what a credit score is or it’s importance, check out our blog on How to Build A Better Credit Score And 5 Ways To Improve Your Existing Credit Score. AstroWealth also has you covered with our Personal Finance Guides for resources on understanding credit and debt.

How to Check your Credit Score

If you are looking to improve your financial health this year, it is important to check your credit score. Here’s 3 easy ways to check your credit score.

  1. Bank / Financial Institutions
    Certain banks offer free credit score checks within their mobile apps or online banking portals. Check out your bank’s app to see if they offer this service to get instant access to your score.
  2. Credit Bureaus
    Call or submit a request for your credit score. In Canada, you can directly reach out to one or both credit bureaus (Equifax or TransUnion). With Equifax, you can submit a request online for a free credit score and credit report. However, with TransUnion, you might need to pay an extra fee if you live outside of Quebec.
  3. Personal Finance Websites
    In Canada, there are personal finance websites such as Borrowell, that allow you to get your free credit score by signing up via email.

Rebuild your Credit History

If you’ve checked your credit score and want to now rebuild your credit history to improve your credit score, let’s help you get started. Recognizing the urgency in rebuilding your credit history is the key starting point! Your credit score helps you obtain the financial assistance you may require to purchase a car, home or start your business. Also, when you check your credit score, the report will include guidance on how you can improve.

Here’s 3 easy ways to rebuild your credit history:

  1. Make Payments on time
    If you can, make payments on time for all your expenses. Your track record to make payments on time will help you improve your credit score.
  2. Obtain a Secured Credit Card
    These credit cards require a deposit and thus can help improve your credit score. You must continue to make your payments and use the card responsibly.
  3. Become an authorized user
    If you have a trusted person with a good credit score, they can add you as authorized user. They are ultimately responsible for payments and their payments can help your credit score. Handle this responsibly with your friends and family.

The best way to rebuild your credit history is to prioritize your financial wellbeing by understanding your position and creating a budget to help you achieve your financial goals. Here’s our Personal Finance Guides for increasing your income, savings and more.

Want to learn how to define your financial goals? Get started here.

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